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>> thanks for waking up with the kron 4 morning news. the big store that we are following is a teenager who kidnapped a woman. >> there is dividual for 24 years after this team went
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missing. >> it is black friday at least to these people. they are all ready for the sales. we would tell you why they are lining up so early. >> we're looking for rain and will find out more about the forecast. >> you will need your waterproof tent as we head into tuesday and wednesday. right now we do have clouds out there and temperatures are not to bedo bad. before we get there-that's if you are leaving your house right now it is 54 degrees out the door in oakland. the afternoon high--with talk about iran coming up. >> we are not tracking any hot spots. your drive at the bay bridge is getting slow due to cash paris. you will
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find some pretty slow traffic through--580 is your normal ride and that means that it will be slow to the livermore valley area. south bay peninsula and north bay for way is still pretty light. >> it is 6 01 a.m.. >> the 14 year-old boy who'll sexually assaulted a woman will be arraigned today. he is charged with 10 felony counts for the attack on the woman who was taken from a parking lot and then driven to a remote area. she was kidnapped at gunpoint from the gateway plaza. she was driven in her own many man and this is where she was originally taken. she was sexually attacked and left unconscious in a ditch.
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if she was bound with duct tape and she was found by a passerby and later they arrested the boy who returned to the scene they foune. >> her mother today is holding a vigil to mark the day. this will be at the market where she was kidnapped november 19, 1988. here is a photo of her when she was taken. she was just nine years old. they will have small yellow ribbons that will be tied to a tree that grows next to the parking lot space where the kidnapper lord michaels into his car. today's vigil is at 10:00 this morning at the mexico super grocery store on mission boulevard in hayward. >> an air strike overnight
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killed at least four people and injured 42. they stated that the gas aza-- >> worker state that they have won 16 months without a new contract + that will be going on strike. the service employees in 1021 have announced plans for a strike that will started 9:00 p.m.. tomorrow pickers will target the airport once again and that will be following that. >> this is not the only place where san strikes. bay area and nurses stated that all also walk off. you're looking at video from the last nurses' strike that we saw on november 1st. this will be the seventh strike since september last year.
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the nurses are disputing issues surrounding health coverage, paid sick leave and workplace conditions affecting patient care. sutter says it plans to operate normally and will bring in replacement nurses. >> espn is reporting that alex smith will not play tonight for the 49ers. he was not able to get clearance from his doctor. he would play tonight but now espn has stated that he will not play. the 49ers will host the chicago bears. >> it is 6:06 a.m. and monday is the day. we're looking at the big sales after thanksgiving. we are looking at what would be considered a good tv price. they are at best by waiting.
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they are here to talk about why people are here early to see whether not the deals are better and why their son and heir apparent >> that want to get the deals and that is the big thing. the stores are opening up sooner and sooner. lacher the stores open at midnight but now they are opening up on thursday. people want to be the first ones in line to get the great deals. if anybody is not familiar-- this is a series of happy days at if you--we see people lined up five to six days in advance. these people out here outside of this best buy started lining up yesterday's at noon. we
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had a chance to talk to one person who was then her tent. we asked her why. >> i app want to be the first person to get the deals. i assume this is the best place to be and not worry. >> she was hoping to save about $600 is what she bought she could save on all the items that she wanted to buy. she stated that she wanted to buy a t b and x box. i did the math and a hundred and 20 hours/$600 would be $5 an hour that she is paying herself to spend money on banks given day. the tarpons up because they do expect rain. they stated that will bring canapes out and make it we can of this.
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>>how do t >> i try to respect their privacy. but when you are sleeping on a sidewalk in front of the best buy what do you expect. you should expect people to bother you. >> we will be right back in a few minutes. [ female announcer ] welcome one and all to a tastier festive feast. so much to sip and savor, a feeding frenzy to say the least. a turkey from safeway will have everyone raving. there's fresh, natural, frozen, whatever you're craving. spend 25 dollars and a frozen safeway turkey is 59 cents a pound.
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>> we are back it is 6:10 a.m.. >> investors are headed into the shourd holiday and lawmakers are not trying to lead the country fall off the fiscal cliff. futures trading is are higher. they will also remain the focus as we continue to have under arrest there. home- improvement lowe's is stating that there efforts when of 76%. this boosted their business and dead earned $390 million. the realtors stated that they will release information for october at 7:00 a.m. this morning. >> we are watching apple shares at very closely. they hit a nine month low. their
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shares bounced $22 and close. they were and positive for the first time in weeks. >> milken had theater owners to your list of twilight series fans. if this is the final series. this has sent the stock price soaring. let's take a look at the scenes from the movie. the total ticket sales rise when the industry has been struggling. this is done about it goes to the movies and more. the popularity it with the eye patch and everything is hurting the industry. they're opening week was a hundred and $41.3 million. this is the fourth them this year to break the 140 million mark.
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>> the timeout is 6:12 a.m..
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>> we are back. we have some video of the long lines that we solve both saturday and sunday. airport officials say is that this will be the busiest on record. this
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stated that they will have a lot of passenger is going through. this is a lot of people and a lot of them will be standing in line for a lot of minutes if not hours try to get through security. they stated that you should give their and to know that that will happen. >> you should try to get here early in be prepared. >> if you do this and you think ahead then you will be able to deal with it. >> sometimes people on the travel the one time of the year around thanksgiving. if it is hard to get into the groove. do not bring packages that are wrapped. >> i shall but the last second three minutes before my flight add that i wonder where one is born. soft >> sphere you know better than that. according to aaa they have 5.4 million
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californians that are on the road. >> the busiest driving their the year they say will be friday instead of banks given. of thursday. >> it looks like we do anticipate more rain tuesday night and wednesday morning. you should keep this in mind if you are hitting the roadway. we do have clouds to contend with the lombard and their role as lead up and you can see all the lights. it is starting to feel like christmas. it is not too bad and a lot of people have today off. it is 51 degrees out in the city and future cast 4 takes a look at the temperatures.
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your afternoon high will be in the '60s. this is indicated by your screen. we start to see a transition to the blow which indicates and everyone will be in the '50s. you can still hold on to some 50s but we do have a lot of cloud cover. this is because of this system that is impacting parts of california. this will not hit us in the bay area and it looks like it will be a little bit of a rain maker north of santa rosa. there may be more ran into tuesday and wednesday. it should be dry by thanksgiving thursday. if you are waiting in line it should be dry. i will have more on your forecast in just a bit. >> we are looking at a back up at the bay bridge toll
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plaza. the metering lights have been activated. it is 14 to 16 minutes for drive time. the san mateo bridge has bolson yet. there is a change in pattern because it seems as though we get the heaviest traffic right around there o'clock a.m.. this is something of a change in the mysteries trying to get sorted out. measure ride to the golden gate bridge 1 01 southbound there are no changes here. as we look into the ride for the east bay will pick up the commute on highway 4. it is westbound and even with baseball, not a handout. the traffic is still moving a little bit better than usual. it is heavier for the entire stretch of 580. 101 there is an accident and it has not cleared up quickly.
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it has the potential of being a hot spot. 1 01 southbound through marin still has a delays. the >> the timeout is 6:19 a.m.. a vote is set tomorrow to decide the fate of a law that would prohibit nudity in most public places. the band represents an escalation of a two year fight between a group of new is in the city's castro district. they want to stop the nudity and making it illegal for anyone over 5 to be exposed in public. there are some exceptions but the proposal has sparked new protests and a lawsuit. >> this morning authorities are working to find the best-the u.s. coast guard
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recovered the body of an adult male yesterday morning near fort baker just before 8:00. no identification was found on the big them and authorities have not been able to match the man with a missing persons. authorities did not say how the victim died in the case remains under investigation. >> about a half hour before that two people were shot on the 3000 block of haven scored boulevardier and on saturday afternoon one person was injured on the 3400 block of 66 ave. police have not yet made any arrests. >> for the five robberies that have happened with people with cell phones out on the street has usually happen because these people are not aware of their surroundings. their rooms are coming and grabbing
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their phones and taking off. some cases they have assaultive victims. let's take a look at this surveillance video is where one man assaults an elderly man. police say they later plunged to kick the man in the face and grabbed his cell phone and took off. most of the cell phone users say the they do know about this but this will not permit the income from carrying their phones and public. >> i am not afraid. i do not pay that you should have to worry about this any more than any other kind of-- >> ave try to hide my phone but i have seen people with headphones that have gotten hit in the face. here is a couple of descriptions. >> the suspect is described as a white or hispanic male
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20 to 25 years old fiat 10 or taller a hundred and 60 lbs.. police said the first suspect was wearing black baggy t-shirts with the words giants on the front, dark jeans light colored shoes and an orange giants baseball cap. let's take a live look from our mount tam cam are. a lot of people are getting their lights up on their homes. will be right back in a moment.
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>> we are back. national news this morning paula broadwe brozlll is telling friends that she is devastated by the fall of the recent news. a person close to broad well cess she deeply regrets the damage this been done to her family and everyone else's, and she is trying to repair that ammo for. she is still being investigated by the fbi over classified documents found in laptop
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and in her home. >> the maker will be in bankruptcy court. hostess will appear in court to start the process of selling itself. they are the makers of hostess bread and twinkies. they decided that they will sale rather than to go to a chapter 7 restructuring. >> americans are carry more credit-card debt around. credit reporting agencies trans union stated that the average credit card debt per bar or in the u.s. grew nearly 5% in the third quarter from a year earlier. meanwhile, the rate of credit card payments at least 90 days overdue rose to 0.775%, up from 71% in
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>> the opening bell is sounding an trading is getting under way. we are optimistic about the start and whether it will stay that way is a another story. the s&p is up by 6 1/2%. the dallas just went up to 31 points. we are looking good and will keep our fingers crossed. we are following our latest from the middle east. >> we saw this picture
6:31 am
earlier and we know that a strike due to israelis started this. this building in downtown gaza host a lot of newscasters. they were rushed to the scene and paramedics say that one person was killed and several were injured. is a row stated that this building is connected to a mosque and it houses of local and foreign media as well. >> 6:30 a.m. is the time right now. >> temperatures are in the 40's and '50's right now. as we head into the afternoon. we will see an increase in cloud cover and moderate winds will start to pick up. the daytime will be dry and later on we do have a storm system that will start. we will talk about rain chances
6:32 am
in my next report. >> we're keeping our eyes on pay accident. two vehicles are waiting for tow trucks and one is in the center divider and the others on the right hand. is slows traffic and the drive time is only at 16 minutes from 85. traffic is light enough and even with this incident the drive time still lighter. >> the time now is 6:32 a.m.. >> sacred heart in san jose is have a thanksgiving giveaway. let's take a look at what they have. >> there are 2 1/2 hours away from giving out turkeys. we showed you the line. this is just one of
6:33 am
about three trucks the are full of turkeys. they only have 3000 turkeys and they stated that they need another thousand turkeys. if they're hoping that people watching will donate or even come down and hand out turkeys. the need can be overwhelming at what they thought. all with that you get the trimmings. the canceled, rice, beans, spaghetti and 70 lbs. of food. this is just giving you an example. they're asking those who want to donate their are stating not to build anything over 10 lbs.. if you tried to donate more than 10 lbs. of salt and it may not be able to fit into people of this. >> this woman does not want to show her face. >> why is the solo part for you to receive this? >> i have a large family i have three kids and the
6:34 am
disabled mother at home. i cannot go out and get a job like most people. i did not have day care. without sacred heart we would not happen is given. we would not have a christmas. they give us everything. >> were you a lacher? >> yes. >>here last year? >> yes. >> i did not think that i would be back here but i am fortunate enough to be here. >> on thanksgiving i know this is it time for you to bond with your family than christmas. >> we do have different backgrounds and why we are here and what we did what we do not do. in the in is all about family and this is
6:35 am
what we have always stayed in my family is that if we are all helping us all that matters. >> sacred heart with the turkeys and the food and the donations. the volunteers is just an add a blessing. >> let me show you that once again they have sold many turkeys. and they take time to paul. if they stated that they will not hold on to them that would just bring them out the door. today, tomorrow and wednesday people can receive their turkeys. if you come down it will not be around here much longer. was this are opening the doors the line will began and that is when people will start picking up their goodies. >> you can still get help. you could also donate money and it will go to people this thursday. >> there will be a public
6:36 am
hearing to discuss the reliability problems with the muni system. there stating that they have adequate maintenance. they state that the munis performance has deteriorated, city missing runs, low on-time performance ratings and broken-down vehicles. today's meeting the schedule to get underway at 9:30 a.m.. >> keeping our eyes on gas prices this morning as prices have fallen nearly 80 persons in the last month. the state average right now is sitting at $3.78 for a regular gallon of gas in san francisco. the average is $3.89 a gallon down a penny from yesterday. in the state average is $3.77 in oakland. we will be watching gas
6:37 am
prices all week just in time for a holiday travel. >> it is like here on the golden gate bridge. will be right back. there's a place, a dark place, we go. an uncharacteristically negative place for such a positive company... place... we go... when we describe our yogurt. tillamook yogurt has no high fructose corn syrup. no artificial sweeteners. no artificial colors and no artificial flavors. that's no, no, no and... no. of course, sometimes no is a good thing.
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>> consumer reports has made its last and it has released its annual monday in nice list.
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>> the fda find many violations at the peanut plant which is what made people sick and over 20 states. even though initial testing showed salmonella was already in the peanut and almond butter it was still send out. investigations reveal employees handled ready to package peanuts with their bare hands which is another thing that is against the rules. >> let's take a break and we will show you those crazy
6:42 am
pictures again and pinole where folks are lined up this morning for black friday sales. they have their chance because they want to be first in line. they'll spend the next couple of days camp out in line to buy flat screen tvs. we will be right back.
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>> a 14 year-old boy who was accused of kidnapping and sexually assaulting a 65 year-old woman in vallejo last week will be in court today. he is accused of taking a woman from a parking lot in her own mettle minivan from a parking lot and driving to a deserted area and leaving her beaten and sexually abused and that tape. he is expected to be in court when 30 today. today marks the 24th year that mchale hayward has been
6:46 am
missing. president obama continues his tore through southeast asia today. he arrived in cambodia this morning. he encouraged the country's transition to democracy. this is the first ever trip to cambodia by a sitting u.s. president. >> the dow is now open and you can see that we are doing good. up 128 points. we are off to a positive start. rob black is jbout the lt on wall street. first off some of the corporate news we had coming up this morning is that there's a change in intel. what is going on there? >> if it was a shake up it would happen overnight. what happened was the ceo of intel was leading six months from now. he probably did not want to go but they told
6:47 am
him he needed to. that will happen in six months. intel needs to call ceo of apple and say we will do anything we can to be in your products. we will give you money. he needs to make that step. they have had five ceos and five years. they have had a tough year and the market and it with a similar >> their chips opposed to large ships-they have the product line? can they be a big player? >> they have to redesign their software configurations. they have the software to get where they want to. when you
6:48 am
cannot get into apple and it is in your own backyard... they have the ability they just can't get an. >> let's talk about the big picture, markets in general. we keep talking about the fiscal clef. --cliff is a still a front burner issue? it can we? >> every day we get into wall street and the senator says that organ get this done. we're not going to get this done. it looks like a 55 percent chance that it does get done. a couple of years ago was not attractive. we will have to increase tax rates. what do
6:49 am
we sacrifice? do we cut spending? none of this is attractive. we are going to deal with this the man not known and unknown. i think is going to be a kick down the road. maybe one tax increase this year. >> of the you think they are going to delay? >> yes but that is okay. we do get some data on trading on wall street. with the low cost of money white college and now? >> overseas, i know that this is something that investors reso with. with what's going on in israel and douse the does that have any impact on wall street? >> it should. oil? why is
6:50 am
the oil going sideways? if i were to be a market man and a betting man, there is some sort of iron shield that i guess is apparently working. >> thank you very much. >> this guy is starting to braden as we take it outside in downtown san francisco. a lot of folks have the day off but it looks like the pitchers are in the '50s. 54 in san francisco and monday night football is on today at candlestick park. the forty- niners against the bears kicked off at 5:30 p.m.
6:51 am
expect temperatures and be the upper 50s. satellite and radar is tracking a system in north and is impacting minnesota connie -- county. the rain in the pacific northwest will continue to sag south and we'll pick up rain in the bay area. the rain looks like it will stay north of the golden gate bridge. 9:00 p.m. tuesday night take a look the plo on your screen indicates moderate to heavy rain. for those of you who have to work on wednesday six a m york morning commute looks like we are contending with some light rain at the heart of the bay. the seven day around the bay forecast shows the potential for wet weather tuesday into wednesday. there's only 10
6:52 am
percent chance of light rain thursday morning. i do not think it will occur on friday, most of you people will be waiting for those deals outside. it looks like temperatures in the upper 60s for your saturday and sunday. 6:51 a.m. >> on the back of the bay bridge toll plaza reaches to the edge of the macarthur maze. you may see traffic on highway 24 and that is inexplicable because we have been incident free on the of the deck of the bay bridge. the san mateo bridge has not begun to slow, there is light traffic here. no delays either eastbound or westbound. traffic is building up on interstate 80 east shore freeway. drive time hercules to berkeley is now 21 to 23 minutes. we picked till some slowing on
6:53 am
680 south into walnut creek. it is still heavy on 580 westbound, no surprise there. the dublin grade right into the peninsula 1 0192 and 84 is still clear. no problems on 280. the north bay ride is still fighting on the 1 01 southbound. >> we will be back with more in a couple of minutes. a live look from our roof on alabama's ave. it is a pretty nice start to the day. we will be right back.
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>> the thanksgiving holiday week a lot of folks have the entire week off. today is not add dry a little break from the weekend rain. tuesday and wednesday we're
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looking for maybe some showers to come on. nothing major but we should have some wet weather here around the bay for those two days before we dry things out. mild weather follows thanksgiving friday and saturday. temperatures asserting the cool and heaters are turning on. your advice to have working carbon monoxide alarms in your house. 20,000 people lost lives each year from cover monoxide poisoning. california law requires single all homes with the task arises to install car monoxide are on arms in their household. >> today is an all new episode of dr. fell. add follows a morbidly obese man from livermore. 23 year-old robert gibbs made headlines earlier this year when he made a desperate plea to dr.
6:58 am
phil for help and aid to video. tipping the scales at nearly 800 lbs. he traveled to the set of dr. fell in may with the help of two medical vans and five e m tease. to an end today to see where he is now on his road to recovery. that is 4:00 today on kron4. coming upper and about three minutes from now we have new information about an air strike. also an update on the condition of forty-niner is alex smith as he had a concussion and there were questions as to whether not he would be in today's game. also keeping our eyes on wall street this morning were the dowel is looking great where it is up 150 points.
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